Vitek’s BBQ: Gut Pak

Vitek’s BBQ, another local legend, recent winner of “best college food” in the country with its signature gut pak and host of one of the more interesting eating challenges youv2 will come across. Once a year, Baylor students and Wacoans alike sign up to run one mile from campus, eat a large gut pak (contents listed below), and then run one mile back.

Located on 1600 Speight Ave, Vitek’s is a classic BBQ joint with great food. Outdoor seating on long picnic tables in the evening are just right when you’re looking to get your fill on brisket, sausage, or any other traditional BBQ.

Not so traditiv1onal BBQ is the previously mentioned Gut Pak. This classic meal is essentially a combination of fritos, cheese, chopped beef, beans, sausage, bread, pickles and jalapenos. Sounds like too much? Choose the small over the large, you owe it to yourself to taste just how good this is!

See the website and full menu Here.


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